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Interior design is always a matter of balancing aesthetic and function, so we need to consider the primary function of a residence: it’s a place where people live. Therefore, a residential designer’s primary focus is creating a livable space.

This means that residential designs needs to be comfortable and useable. Think of what you use your home for. It’s where you relax, cook, and eat. It may be where you entertain close friends or small groups of guests. You may have a home office for working. Residential needs tend to be focused on smaller groups and relaxed atmospheres than you’d find in a commercial building, and the interior designers needs to ensure that the colors, lighting, furniture, appliances, temperature, and general layout meet these needs. In other words, the interior needs to be livable.


A well designed office interior will increase the efficiency of your staff. This will in turn affect the overall profitability of your organisation.Studies have shown that staff productivity can increase by up to 25% if they are working in a well-designed office or commercial space.

You may find that you don’t need as much space as you currently occupy, and our interior designers will ensure that any idea or solution they recommend ensures your office space is utilised as efficiently as possible and where practical make suggestions as to how you could reduce your overall running costs, perhaps by reducing the amount of space you lease. We would strongly recommend that you review your office accommodation or commercial space on a regular basis and not wait for such traditional trigger points such as lease expiry and overcrowding.


Involving much more than simply decorating the interior of the space, commercial design will address such issues as the choice of building materials, the layout and placement of interior walls, plumbing and power systems, and even coordinating communications with construction professionals, owners, and service providers. This level of interior design requires the interior designer to have a solid working knowledge of architecture, as well as a sense for creating functional and attractive settings within the space.

With a working knowledge of how things are currently set up, it is possible to begin planning the future condition of the space. Here, interior designers will begin to adapt the existing floor plan to a new scheme that may involve using some of the existing elements, while doing away with others, and adding new touches and new architecture.

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